Creativity is the cornerstone of our company. We are a family business that amazes the world with innovative mechanical engineering.

The processing machines from METROM break with the rules of the previous approach and allow completely new ways of thinking. The classic stationary machine tool will remain for some time to come due to extensions of features and automation connections. Low-cost and flexible robots are increasingly being used in production facilities. However, the manufacturing accuracy of robots shows a deterioration by a factor of 10 compared to stationary machine tools. This is exactly where the concept of parallel kinematics in the form of the Pentapod from METROM comes in.

It is a machining concept that combines the accuracy and rigidity of stationary machine tools with the mobility and freedom of movement of the robot, and can be expanded without limits. Individually configurable through „Technology Apps“ such as milling, friction stir welding, laser welding, additive manufacturing and testing methods, everyone can gain the best benefit for themselves.

Convince yourself of the future in the mobile 5-axis parallel kinematics which has proven itself over many years – ideas become solutions for your Smart Production!