Created by © Fraunhofer IWU

The latest machine series at Metrom is the SEAMHex Series. This is a parallel kinematic industrial 3D printer developed at Fraunhofer IWU. It is a screw extruder that can process standard granulates up to 400°C. The output capacity is up to 8 kg/h at a printing speed of up to 1 m/s. Unlike conventional plastic 3D printers, the movement is mainly through the table, which is equipped with 6 struts parallel kinematics. This allows the table, which is lighter than the extrusion unit, to move in order to achieve a higher dynamic. The extrusion unit only moves in the Z-direction (height) to build up the layer.

Benefit from the following features and sustainable advantages:

  • High output and dynamics
  • Processing of standard granulates and up to 95% cost reduction
  • No support structures due to real 5-axis printing
  • 80% faster than FDM
  • Enviromental friendly as plastic waste can be used as printing material

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