The P-Series machining centres from Metrom are characterised by their compact and flexible design. The modular design of the machines and the parallel kinematics enable cost-effective and fast adaptation to special customer requirements and the development of a total solution for special applications.

Benefit from the following features and sustainable advantages:


  • High accuracy and dynamics
  • Longevity and stable value of the machine components
  • Economical 5-sided complete machining without reclamping the workpiece
  • Low energy consumption due to low moving mass
  • Without machine foundation
P2030 for abrasive materials like SiSiC, graphite, sand

The machining centres offer many options and adaptation possibilities to your production task and the integration of different technologies. For example, our machines can be equipped with an additional linear axis and rotary table to enable 7-axis machining. The size of the rotary table and linear axis can be adapted according to customer requirements. A pallet changer can be integrated for series production. A tool changer can also be added as a pick-up or turret. In this way, the machine can be built up modularly according to your wishes.

P2030 for abrasive materials like SiSiC, graphite, sand



The machines have a modular design. Everything can be adapted according to the production strategy, material specifications or space capacity.


Due to the high inherent rigidity, the cost-intensive foundation is not required here. Nevertheless, we are able to achieve up to 10 times the manufacturing accuracy of an industrial robot.


In one clamping, the Metrom machine with a rotary table and a linear axis is able to perform a 7-axis complete machining without removing the part.

Size variety

The machines are available in different sizes depending on the requirements. Our machine even works in a container (see here).

Wet Machining

Metrom’s P-Series can also be designed for complete wet machining on request. In principle, they are operated with minimum quantity lubrication.

Laser Machining

Laser processing is possible in our machines without any problems. The machine is accordingly equipped with laser protection walls and suitable viewing windows.

Serial Production

With an additional pallet changer, our machines can function excellently for series production. In this way, you can achieve a significant increase in the number of pieces with our incredible dynamics.


Thanks to our parallel kinematics, we achieve a very compact design with maximum working space. We adapt our machine size to your needs!

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