Our parallel kinematic machine tools can be used in many different ways and can be customised. This is why our machines and production approaches are highly innovative and at the same time offer a high creative potential. This is of course on the one hand due to the special spindle movement provided by the rod kinematics and on the other hand due to the integration variety of manufacturing processes and machine configurations (stationary or mobile).

As you can see already in the production technology milling, it is possible to machine or produce most different materials and component forms with the Metrom machine. In particular, we are superior to conventional machine tools in the production of highly complex components with possibly free-form surfaces.

Our mobile machine is ideally suited for flexible processing and repair purposes. The mobile machine can be installed horizontally or vertically and the machine frames can be adapted according to the application or component size. This makes it possible to repair or machine large containers or turbine shafts. Our machines are hybrid applicable. This means that in the case of a repair, for example, an unfinished flange can be repaired additively and the finishing can be carried out subtractively in one machine. This hybrid machining is mainly applicable in aerospace technology, shipbuilding, tool and container construction and offshore or onshore plants (look at WAAM technology).



full 5-side machining of fragile parts without clamping necessity

avoiding part damage due to automatic adaptive feed rate according to tool wear

wear protection of all moving components with monitored overpressure system

complex shapes  generated with tools length up to 950mm


set up of the machine for one flange within 15 minutes instead several hours

angular drilling, concave or convex surfaces, sealing grooves, threading and thread milling available

compensation of workpiece deformation during machining

same machine module can be used universal for every machining area from 50 millimeters up to 50 meter


one time mounting and alignment with automatic tool change for technological process change

independent from operator influence due to automated processes

applicable for final try-out or repair of worn out molds directly at customer site

no special requirements according surrounding conditions or mounting area


mounting and alignment in less than 4 hours

worldwide inexpensive transportation in a standard AMJ flight container

machining of the turbine rotor at customer site

no special requirements according surrounding conditions or mounting area

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